Lise Martin


Combing talent with finesse and versatility, Lise Martin is an actress who gives an unparalleled performance. In her, Diane has found a face.

Familiar to the small screen and Montreal stages, Lise has been a rising star since training at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal in 2001.
Seducing both the general public and avant-garde theatre aficionados is no easy feat, but she succeeds in doing so, eagerly tackling projects and genres of a diverse scope effortlessly and with a true passion for her craft.

On television, we saw her evolve in Max inc., Super Mamies, Le bleu du ciel and as a regular on Virginie, playing the charming and anxious defrocked Sister Rose-Marie. On stage, her creative talents were called upon for daring shows like Théâtre Extrême (directed by Jean-Guy Legault), L’Odyssée de l’espace (directed by Vincent Côté) and La Fête sauvage (directed by Claude Poissant) along with her talents as a comedic actress for plays such as Ladouceur et fils, Cinq Étoiles (directed by Normand Chouinard, Théâtre des Grand Chênes) and Fausses Rumeurs (directed by Martine Baulne, Théâtre des Grands Chênes).
Lise is also a talented writer and director, having penned two highly successful plays for young audiences, L’Or bleu and Métamorphose. In addition, she is a member of Théâtre de la Banquette arrière, a community of actors whose racy, original creations shock and stray from the norm.