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She’s a Quebecer. He’s a foreigner. She’s married. He’s a young single dad. His name is Oscar. She, Diane, could be a four o’clock flower, opening at night and closing during the day. She has three faces. So does he. She and he, he and she—they wander together all night. He is tracking down the mother of his son Jose. She is searching for her lost dog. That night, Montreal is theirs, for better or for worse.

Montreal is the flirt in a red dress. Montreal is the melting-pot city where diversity plays out as a constant, stunning symphony. But the path diverges from this Montreal to bring us to the world of the homeless, a kind of modern-day Court of Miracles where more and more laughter is required to keep from crying. What if this brutally honest portrayal of homelessness were, in fact, the true subject of the film?

We find ourselves immersed in what could be a game of Marco Polo or a masquerade ball that plays out in one single night, over exactly 12 hours—from a dusk full of promises to a dawn full of disillusionment.

Obamas: A Story of Love, Faces and Birth Certificate is a full-length feature of poetic and politically-minded fiction destined for the big screen.

Created by Moussa Djigo, this ambitious and resolutely independent initiative is realized by accomplished actors and a young, dynamic and passionate team. We have worked on a small scale and in a light-hearted and collaborative way to create a quality artistic film.



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